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Spooky Ghost by George Bitros, Neon Aegina

She was about to lock the door and get ready for bed when she heard a noise from upstairs. It was a ghost that she saw through the glass from the stairs down to the kitchen.  The little girl felt so scared that she phoned her parents for some help but nobody called her back. Once again, she could see the ghost through  the glass on the floor and the little girl took a chair to protect herself and went upstairs to find out what was happening. The ghost through a pan down and the girl fell down the stairs from her fear. But the ghost was afraid, too. It ran away to let the girl alone.

The little girl was hurt a lot.When her parents came back, they called a ambulance to take her to the hospital. Do you believe she is okay now?Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ghost