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The Weird Husband by Anna CPE neon, Aegina


It was a wonderful day and the Summer's family were having their last breakfast at their old apartment. They had decided to move to a new house. It was big, with a lot of rooms, a huge garden and the house also had a boat house. The house was the one for them and it had been really cheap. They thought it was the perfect opportunity.

Simon, his wife Sam and their children started putting their stuff in the right places. Everything was going very well, the days were passing by and they were really enjoying their time there. But at 3:00 o'clock every morning, something strange happened. Simon kept hearing a voice telling him, "kill them!" and a few days later, he started seeing ghosts. Simon, day by day, was acting weird. Sam was suspicious about her husband's behaviour. She went to the church and asked to talk with a priest. She told him that at the house, something was going wrong. She asked him to carry out an exorcism at the house. He went to the house but although he tried, the priest couldn't defeat the ghosts.

One night later, Simon woke up loaded his shotgun and started to chase his family. They tried to escape, but he had locked all the doors and windows. They managed to get up-stairs, broke a window and tried to escape from the roof. But Simon went after them. Sam and the children managed to get down to the ground but Simon fell. Sam had to do something to protect her kids, but she didn't want to leave her husband there. So while he was on the ground, she took his gun and hit him over the head. She asked one of her children to bring a rope to tie him up. When she'd done that, she transferred him to their boat. Sam took her family away from that house and they never returned. They started a new life.