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Spooky Story by Mary Besi D2 Neon Aegina

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose name was Vasiliki. It was night on Halloween day. Her parents had gone out to buy something .

 Vasiliki was watching TV when . . . her telephone rang. The girl answered the phone and someone was speaking . The girl was very scared about that. Then someone knocked on the window. It was the monster of her town that  was calling "Scooby". 

The girl was very scared. The monster had come into her house! Vasilki killed it but…. 

After 10 minutes, her parents came home and they shouted her name but she didn't answer. She was dead. 

Her parents looked for her everywhere, but they didn't find her.  They called the police but they couldn't find her. Then, nobody ever found the girl……….. 

Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!

MARY BESI D2 Neon, Aegina