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The Lost Child

It was September 1997 a woman and her child were going to Paris by airplane. Her daughter was 6-7 years old. Her father was dead for 4 years and the only family that she had was her mother. They sit down on the airplane and sleep for 1 hour. When the mother, Susan, woke up [...]


I heard sounds and voices coming inside my room. I opened my eyes and what I saw was the clock ringing.<< Not again >> I said, I had to get ready for school but I wasn’t in a good mood . I thought this was the worst time of the day but this was only [...]


Once upon a time there were seven girls, Amanda, Mary, Jasmin,  Dorianna, Grisilda, Anta and Margaret. The day of the Halloween they went to an old house for “treat or trick”. A man opened the door that looked like Dracoula.The girls screamed but one girl told him: “treat or trick”. The man told the girls [...]

The moving by Ioanna Chaldaiou NEON, Aegina

The Moving   Chapter 1  Well, my grandma Sophia is the kind of old, traditional, classic granny with white, shoulder-length hair, who loves cooking sweets, looking at her old photo albums and telling us stories, while drinking a cup of hot tea, next to the fireplace. Sundays is the only day of the week about [...]

New friends by Elizabeth Neon Aegina

The Miller family are taking their first trip to Pitch Dark Falls to meet with the local real estate agent, Harry Jones, and see their new home, which they inherited from their dead great uncle. Amanda and Josh Miller, and their dog Bonnie, immediately sense that something is not quite right. Despite the fact that it [...]


It was the day of Halloween. All the kids were on the roads and I was almost ready to go. I got out, I visited a lot of houses and I got to the last one on the neighbourhood. They were saying that this house was haunted and it had ghosts but I got in [...]


Late that night at Halloween Tom and I were fast asleep while John watch TV and just ate some sweets a little girl knocked and said “trick or treat”. Then John slammed the door and took a seat but suddenly she was on the screen the lights closed and this wasn’t a dream. She brainwashed [...]


Once an upon time there was a scary man who wanted to kill 5 kids(Maria , Anna, George ,Michel and Dianna). On a Halloween night the 5 friends had decided to go for “ trick or treat”. Then the man showed up. The kids got really scared and started running and went to the first [...]


My mum for the Halloween made for me the bat uniform. I was very exciting I wear it and I went out to find my friends. My best friend Anna and I wanted to go in a desert house. We have heart that there are ghosts in it. When we arrived we heard a noise [...]


A few years ago me and family went for holidays to Germany. Near the hotel was a forest and we went there for a walk. It was very nice there and we stayed until late. Suddenly we heard a noise and saw something behind the trees. My dad went close and saw a man with [...]