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The spooky Halloween night by Vasiliki Chrysochoou D1 Neon, Aegina

I'd say it was about ten o'clock in the evening and I was waiting for my friends to go trick or treating.  I was watching TV when I heard a loud knock on my front door. "Yes"? I called and went ahead and opened the door - here's where the fun begins - I thought, as I was [...]

The Black movie

Today a little girl lives in a small Village!  Her parents are leaving and say to the little girl don't watch the Black movie! But the girl watches this movie and then goes to sleep! A man break the door and goes in her house! The man goes to her bedroom and kills her dog! [...]

the last time charlie saw his friends

8 years ago, during the previous Halloween, there was a man called Charlie. He looked about 24 years old. Every year, he was going with his friends and knocking doors, waiting for people to offer him some sweets. Every year, it went very well and they got lots of sweets.       Some people still talk [...]

Janet’s doll

Once upon a time a little girl named Janet, bought a doll for her birthday. It was like Janet. The same hair color, eye color. One day she played with this doll but she hit it and throw it in the room. Before she goes to sleep she put her doll on theself next to [...]

armando prenga D1

On the evening of Halloween,it was raining.There were 3 murders in one day in a forest in the mountains and a playground.The murders were committed on Saturday 14th that evening,the murderer followed the 3 women from three different areas.When she was caught in a tounel and the three murders were committed in different ways.The first [...]

The Mirror ~

   At the night of Halloween three middle school girls decided to have a sleepover, to play games, tell scary stories and have fun!    It was almost midnight and the girls were joking around while playing truth or dare. Then one of them said "I dare you to play with the Ouija Board* ,or [...]


Halloween videos.

Haloween Day!!!

On the evening of Haloween's day I was gone from home and when I turned I found the door open and the lights all closed.I went to the kitchen and found a knife full of blood on the table.I was fed so much!!!

The doll

Once upon a time, there was a litte girl named Mary. She loved playing with dolls and one day she saw a beautiful doll with blond hair and blue eyes. After a few days her mother bought her the doll. But unfortunately, the other doll that she had which had black hair and green eyes [...]

A scary Halloween night

   Once upon a time it was a rainy and cold Halloween night. The children was wearing their costumes and running from house to house while they were screaming trick or treat. As they have been in every house of the city only one has left. It was a haunted house at the end of [...]