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Halloween by Natalia Mema

Halloween…………..                It was Saturday 24th of October . In  one week,  it  would be       Halloween and every one was getting ready for the parties and the trick or treat.  Every  house  had   decorated  their gardens  with ghosts,  spiders,  witches and zombies . It  was only [...]

On the Eve of Halloween by Lina Marmarinou C2 Neon, Aegina

One upon a time, two children went to every home in all the village.  The children collected many sweets.  And then they went to the last house.  This house was haunted.  The children didn't know this house was haunted, so they went.  Later, the door opened and the children were shouting ''Hello, Hello''.  Are you listening?''  And they didn't [...]

Brigilda by Natalia Mema

            BRIGILDA THIS STORY IS NOT REAL AND IT'S ONLY IMAGINATION   Brigilda was just 4 years old when she lost her parents in an accident .From then on, she lived in the orphanage and after one year, a family adopted her. Brigilda thought that her mum and dad were Mr. and Mrs. [...]